Friday, March 25, 2011

Young Scientists Explore the Solar System

Our young scientist got into their rocket ship and launched into outer space for the second week by continuing their studies of the solar system. Last week we visited Mercury and Venus and this week we have been studying Earth and the stars.

The young scientists paint Venus for their mobile of the solar system.
 One of the best investments that I have purchased for our young scientists have been the Magic School Bus Science Kits. Our most recent kit The Secrets of Space has proven to be a hit with the girls. It is a kit that provides experiments, hands on observations as well as testing hypotheses. One of the most popular activities has been the creation of the modeling of the planets which will turn into a mobile after we have studied all of the planets. And the second most popular experiment has been "do you think sunlight can make colors change?"

Now I know there is much discussion as to whether Pluto is a planet or not, and in many cases, the scientists of our world claim that Pluto is not a planet. But I must admit, in our studies, we have included it as the ninth planet.

In addition, we have done activities such as visiting the local planetarium, "making" stars out of craft sticks, glitter and jewels, continuing our love of cooking and making cookies in the shape of planets, stars and moons.

One key element in our studies of the planets has been reading the various books that are dedicated to each planet. We read, discuss and talk about each aspect of the planet such as the atmosphere, the land, and where it is located.
It has been a science adventure for our girls where they are excited each day, when we talk about the solar system.

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  1. We used the magic school bus space kit too when we did our space unit:) I didn't include Pluto however but we did talk about it and the controversy surrounding it. Stopping by from work boxes. happy SUnday