Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boxcars and Art Sessions

It is race season here in Indianapolis! One of the classes that my oldest daughter participates in decided that every child make their own race car out of a cardboard box, and bring it to class on a certain day. It could be no larger than 34 inches long and 24 inches tall with handles so that she could go around a mini race track. Each race car was to be designed by the child. At first, I was thinking to myself “oh my I just do not know where we start”. But all in all it turned out fine and together my daughter and I worked together in painting her race car pink and purple, added various accessories to her car such as head and tail lights, wheels made out of paper plates, side mirrors out of foil, a slanted windshield, etc. Next week we have our big race! It should be a fun day for all the kids.
After a lot of thinking, I have decided to continue doing schooling during the summer. We will be doing our summer school hours in the morning and be focusing more on projects/themes, along with taking a field trip once a week to various places around our town/city and state.
One request that has been given to me by my daughters is that they would love to craft every day. Now to be honest, that may be a little bit of a challenge, but I am up to the task because I am so very much a supporter of the arts. In fact, my youngest is going to be taking a ballet camp for one week, where she attends every morning and then at the end of the week they have a special performance. Then during the time that she is at camp, my oldest and I are going to be studying art. So we will be working with clay, learning watercolor techniques, drawing (learning about shadowing, textures, etc.) She is already talking about the different projects she wants to do during the summer. I am so excited that she is excited about the art sessions.

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  1. Looks like fun! Great cars!!!! Love to have you link up for the Elementary Round up!

    What a smart, crafty niece I have!