Tuesday, November 22, 2011

RSVP for Exchanging Handmade Christmas Ornaments with Other Families

Last year, I coordinated a handmade Christmas Ornament Exchange through my other blog at Hi Mamma. Hi Mamma is where I try to capture and share the love of the handmade world. For this upcoming holiday season, I am making it a goal to make as much as possible via sewing, painting, etc. for my family. I am good at making lists...now I just need to start in making it happen.

To continue the tradition that my daughters and I started, we are hosting a Christmas Ornament Exchange. Last year we had over 200 ornaments exchanged. It was so much fun to see what other families had created when they sent me an email of their ornaments, dropped me a quick email and or shared their blog with me. So we thought we would do it again for the second year, maybe we will just start a tradition! But we wanted to share with everyone the details about the Christmas Ornament Exchange.

The idea is that families make Christmas ornaments for other families and exchange them during the holiday season. Your family would be signing up as a family where you make the same number of ornaments that you send. So for example, if you have four people in your family, then you would make four ornaments total. These four ornaments though would be going to four different people, and in return, you will be receiving four ornaments back from four different people (receiving four packages total) with the idea that every ornament would be different. If you had one or even two people in your family unit, then you would receive one or two ornaments back.

Be sure to click on the link above to learn more details of how you can participate. I know you and your family would have a lot of fun. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me.

And...most importantly...enjoy this Thanksgiving! Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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